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Online Learning Admissions

Earn a world-class graduate degree without leaving home.

If you want to take the next step in your education, Creighton’s online programs ensure you won’t be held back by distance or a busy schedule. We offer nearly 40 graduate degrees and certificates, in fast-growing fields that need skilled professionals.

You can earn an online degree from Creighton in areas including:

  • Business
  • 健康
  • 健康 Sciences
  • Education
  • Leadership
  • Ministry
  • Nursing

Study online. Don’t miss a thing.

Studying online at Creighton gives you access to all the things that make a Creighton education so powerful: an engaged faculty, resources to empower you academically and spiritually, Creighton’s career center and networking opportunities, and more.
“When I looked at the curriculum and the classes and the coursework, it seemed like exactly what I needed for the work that I was doing. And it seemed like a rigorous course too, and a demanding course, which I really felt was an important aspect.”
——创. Anthony Zinni (Ret. U.S. Marine Corps), Negotiation and Conflict Resolution (MS)
“Between the excellent videos, slides and other supplemental materials provided for the curriculum, and the ease with which I was able to email and call my professors for help and or discussion questions, it really felt like they were not that far away.”
— Tanya Wilson, Investment Management and Financial Analysis (Master’s)
“With the video lectures, I could speed them up or slow them down. I could watch them when I was ready—and watch them again and again until I understood. You can’t do that in a classroom.”
— Mike Field, Investment Management and Financial Analysis (Master’s)